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KASUMI™ produces and provides people with premium quality tools and accessories at honest prices.

The brand was formed by two cooking enthusiasts looking to find a solution to the incredibly high prices that the Japanese tool industry has set as a standard. We've been experimenting and testing many tools and materials before finding the perfect combination of class and performance.

Serving quality tools to over +60000 customers a year, we believe we are getting closer and closer to our goal of making high markups obsolete.

A Short Story From Our Founder

"While cooking with a friend who owned a Shun knife, I got excited to get myself one and start cooking with it. Upon arriving at the retailer, I was shocked to hear that the price for a regular Shun Chef Knife was $285 at that time. Since I couldn't afford it, I just turned around and went back home.

I've always been fond of the Japanese tool-making industry.

The quality, look and feel of those tools really set them apart from the rest of the pack.

However, this feeling started bubbling inside me: "Why are those knives that expensive? And is there a way to make them cheaper?" It turns out that when you buy a Japanese knife, there are loads of middlemen who take a percentage cut of the final sale price, forcing the prices higher. Not to mention, you also pay for the name of the brand.

What if I just wanted to buy a solid, high-quality, good-looking Damascus Knife? Can I do so at a reasonably honest price?

This is the beginning of my story with Kasumi"If you have any questions, please feel free to use the chatbox or contact us at service@kasumi-knives.com.

Why shop with us?
📦Quality and safe product;
🤝Provide professional customer service via email and Facebook;
🚀fast shipping;
♻Safe and reliable order processing;
💳PayPal and credit card verification companies;
🎁Reward customer loyalty program.

Founding Team
We are a young team, customers are always our first, because we know that a good customer experience is our way of survival
Our Factory
We focus on quality and have our own factory